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Online, outcomes-based educational games to prepare K-12 students for standardized tests

We know test preparation is stressful for both students and educators. And we believe most test preparation programs are primarily designed to help students achieve a score and pass the test. At Cleverywhere, we take a different approach.

We believe educational games can be fun experiences for students, building confidence through immersive experiences that engage students’ creativity while building critical skills required to master the subject matter. And we believe that educational games are powerful sources of data for educators, uncovering actionable information that can help schools and districts accomplish their goals.

It All Starts with You

How do we help students?

Cleverywhere’s educational games go further than simple practice and rote drill exercises. Students are introduced into a world of adventure where concept acquisition and skill mastery manifest as imaginative role-playing experiences. Students learn required subject matter while developing a creative aptitude unrealized in other test preparation programs. Each game is age-appropriate to ensure proper learning in a safe environment.

How do we help educators?

Real-time progress dashboards help teachers quickly identify at-risk students and zero in on concepts that may require more emphasis in the classroom. Recommended learning resources from proven open education sources help teachers find content and tools that they can immediately put to use.

How do we help parents?

Progress reports clearly identify each student’s performance, helping parents understand how their child is performing compared to aggregated class performance, and recommending resources for home study.

Cleverywhere: Where Gaming Meets Learning