Clancy Marshall – CEO and Founder

Clancy has 20 years’ experience developing, launching and managing education technology businesses, including the start-up DynamicBooks which is now a subsidiary of Macmillan, and the 20 Million Minds Foundation, a thriving 501c3 non-profit organization. Most recently, Clancy held the position of VP, Global Platforms at Pearson, where she was responsible for managing the product and engineering teams for global K-20 education products.

Cleverywhere: Where Gaming Meets Learning

Is It Understandable?

Our team makes games that appeal to students, with data and analytics that enable parents and educators to support them.

Is it better?

At Cleverywhere, we don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake, While we remain driven to stay on the cutting edge, we’re always mindful that everything we produce should represent an improvement upon what’s tried and true.

The Cleverywhere Story

Online, outcomes-based educational games to prepare K-12 students for standardized tests

​​​Phil Giarrusso - Product

​Phil has a BFA in Graphic Design from the College of Saint Rose and was named "One to Watch" by Graphic Design USA. Phil specializes in animation, pixel art, and game development, and was the art director on the recently launched iOS games "Star Munch" and "Combo Queen".

It’s not just about achieving a score, it’s about wanting to learn.​


Allison Tuohy – Project management

Allison is an accomplished web producer, interactive product and project Manager with over 14 years of experience with major brands in the Broadcast, Publishing, EdTech, and Children's Interactive industries.

Karen Lippe – Public Relations

Karen is founder of Lippe Consulting, and has executed product launches for VMWare, Cisco and Locus Technologies. Karen specializes in media and analyst outreach, thought leadership and social media.

Our Mission

Most test preparation programs focus entirely on simulating the test-taking experience, leading to higher anxiety for students and more stress for educators. At Cleverywhere, we believe that test preparation should engage students both inside and outside the classroom, and should provide teachers and parents with meaningful and actionable data.

What Are We About?

At Cleverywhere, every game delivers detailed data and analytics to help students, parents, and educators understand what a student needs to work on.

Kristoffer Pantic – Engineering

Kris has an MS in Software from Carnegie Mellon and served as a visiting professor at Universidad Simon Bolavar before joining TalPor solutions as VP Engineering in 2011.

Our Team

The Cleverywhere team is a unique blend of educational technology experts, online game designers, and business professionals. 

Is It Useful?

At Cleverywhere, we dig deep to understand what a student wants to do, what is in their way, and how we can make their experience better. We believe that student performance improves with student confidence. Building an out of class, game like environment that makes assessment fun, builds that confidence and leads to measurable results.